Monday, November 16, 2009

Green Bowl of Cherries - SOLD

"The Ayes Have It"

6.5" x 6" Oil on gessoed board.

I quess I've been watching and listening a little too much to politics lately making this title pop into my head. Unfortunately what is being voted on currently is NOT a bowl of cherries. But this paintingLink makes me happy. I kind of felt like a Carol Marine groupie painting this. She is so great at cherries and this kind of chisel approach to shapes and negative spaces. Once again I lament the failure of my monitor to show the actual deep red tones. The cherry shadows are a deep Alizarin Crimson.
Available for $82. Click here for the opportunity to purchase.



Kerri Settle said...

So loose and painterly, the green bowl was also a great choice. Lovely!

Edward Burton said...

Beautifully painted, Marilyn - they look so delicious!