Sunday, November 15, 2009

Persimmon and Leaf

"Persimmon and Leaf"

6"x 9" Oil on stretched canvas.

This was one of those "STOP THE CAR" moments. Blocks down the street upon entering Mom and Dad's neighborhood, I could see a tree loaded with bright yellow fruit. I didn't know for sure what they were, but I knew they were good to paint if not to eat. Once again I "stole" a snipping from a stranger's yard. Bad me. Actually I had my hubby do the dirty deed with his trusty pocket knife.

After doing a search to make sure it was a persimmon, I found that this variety is the American one. The Japanese variety is shaped more like a tomato. What you hear about the pucker effect is true! Keep away from children and don't try this at home....
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Rick Nilson said...

they grow wild here. complete with sucking sounds. Great in pies with a few yaupon berries for spite. Beautiful painting as always.

Debbie said...

Marilyn, I enjoy your back stories on your paintings! Fruit always looks so much better in a painting with it's leaves still attached, your hubby is a good sport!
btw, I"ve never seen a persimmons tree, what is the pucker effect? I haven't heard of this before.