Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camellia Sasanqua - SOLD

"Camellia Sasanqua"

5"x 7" Oil on gessoed board.

Flowers have always stopped me short of my desired outcome in a painting. This is the first one that I could finally loosen up on and see the shapes and value relationships rather than petals and details. It is certainly not the best painting I've every done but I feel a great step forward and will have more confidence in approaching the next floral still life.

It was fun just pushing the paint around with bristle brushes and leaving an "unfinished" texture to the paint. My brush was used as a "drawing" tool and I worked with gestures similar to caligraphy. The paint was layed down is a direct approach without a toned surface and without even an initial drawing. I just started painting shapes and colors and slowly made smaller shapes within shapes.

My good neighbor friend Denise came by for a visit and brought me this camellia from her very large backyard bush. We daily painters never know where our next painting will come from - sometimes they come from a knock on the door.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Beautiful painting Marilyn! Funny, I was just thinking about the 'gesture' of flowers when I was painting one earlier this week, but I can guarantee you that mine is not near as beautiful as yours.

Anonymous said...

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Karen Hargett said...

I love your camellias - they are beautiful. I find flowers very hard but you make it look easy. Great work.

Edward Burton said...

Really wonderful, Marilyn.