Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blood Orange (sort of) or Amateur Orange Peeler - SOLD

"Peeled Orange"

6"x 6" Oil on gessoed board.

I do occasionally plan my daily paintings and go shopping for specific things I desire to paint. I had seen a Blood Orange in a painting that was a deep
beautiful red and seen numerous paintings in which an orange was peeled or cut in a spiral where the peeling was left in one piece. Both of these elements interested me as painting subjects and when I saw the Blood Oranges at my Kroger, well then, there was my next painting. I bought two, just in case, bought the cat litter and home I went to peel my oranges. Do I cut the skin or do I just tear it? Seen it both ways. Cutting was my first try. The end result was to be an orange peeled half way with the peeling spiraling over the table edge. My revealed orange sections looked mangled. Deep blood red and mangled. Gee, how do I fix this? I eat it. Red spots all over my face and shirt but very juicy and delicious and I'm glad I bought two. Next try using the tear method. Sections look great but peeling tears up and not in one piece. What? is this the "blood orange" the little sticker says it is? This one looks like a regular orange except it begins turning red below the point where I have peeled. Now how was I supposed to know which one was to be the "red" one? So the orange and peel are from different oranges and I couldn't really name the piece "Blood Orange" it's just not up to it's name. It's not all about painting......



Kathy said...

The painting is terrific and you made some great choices. You're correct - it's all about the painting!

Rick Nilson said...

At first I thought you just made up the part about the orange peel. I never considered how you could so easily ruin your subject in the process. The painting is beautiful, and I will never peel an orange the same way again. Thats art and blood.

Edward Burton said...

Well done - very classic looking.