Monday, September 29, 2008

Carousel Horse -work in progress

Click on image to enlarge.

6"x 6" oil on Ampersand Gessoboard.

I began this piece on Friday and worked all weekend on it. The only part completed or nearly so is the horse but I felt the need to post something to show that I'm still here. The image was taken from one of the many photos that I took last week at the North Georgia State Fair - fun stuff! A companion piece is planned for a later date painted of a different ride and they will hopefully be sold as a pair. I'll probably put this aside for a week or so before finishing it due to a little loss of interest. A fresh look later will renew inspiration and I need to work on some more ebay paintings. I just wonder if anything will sell in this tight money environment! "Starving artists" may become a reality for many of us and we will all start painting food still lifes just to dream. ;o)


rick nilson said...

If this thing was 3"X3" then........well it would be half as big. Nice work on little canvas. You are a master of this!

Keith said...

Lovin this striking image Marilyn - how you can paint so boldly on such a small canvas is amazing.

Debbie said...

Marilyn, When I first saw this painting I thought it must be on a larger canvas, but I was so surprised to see it was small!! I love the way you translated the shiny surfaces and reflections on the horse with paint so perfectly. I look forward to seeing how you finish it.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks to you all. Sorry I can't respond in length due to my ongoing computer limitations. I seldom have but a few minutes to blog these last couple of weeks- always using other's computers.

If you have a chance, visit Keith's blog by clicking on the above comment from him. He is a wonderful landscape painter in the UK and currently has a piece with WIP steps to view. His muted colors and grays are spectacular! Thanks Keith for dropping by.

Jennifer Young said...

Oh my goodness Marilyn! Love love love! Can't imagine what more progress you could make on this piece than you've already done. Bravo! Or, more correctly put, Brava!