Friday, October 3, 2008

Red Pear on Linen - SOLD

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6"x 8" on linen canvas board.

I felt like a true artist today while painting on my first linen canvas. It's an odd thing that I've never tried it before. I've not liked painting on regular cotton canvas nor on RayMar canvas panels which are a cotton and synthetic blend. The weave has always felt like a nuisance to me rather than a texture to aid in painting. But now I know what a cloth surface is supposed to feel like when painting! The linen texture is so beautiful that the paint almost seems secondary, as something to bring out the character of the linen. I also found that painting on linen is faster than on a harder surface, which doesn't surprise me and was expected, but I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.

The linen panel that I used was a prepared panel by Art Alternatives purchased at Binder's Art Supply. The linen is a medium texture and I'm sure just an average quality linen, wrapped on a 1/8" mdf panel - all archival. The panel is triple coated with a clear acrylic gesso and suggests adding additional ground for oil paint. I added two coats of white gesso before painting. I was really glad to find these panels to try my hand at painting on linen. I had thought about purchasing some linen ( by the yard) and mounting my own on board, but this is so much more convenient. These panels do come in many sizes but I'm not prepared to list those.

Lately I've seen many red pears painted and thought they were just lovely. When seeing them in my Kroger Grocery this last week, I couldn't resist and home they came. The deep red is just wonderful, and I really tried to capture the many shades of red and wanted to enhance that color with the white and gray surrounding it.

The photo is just OK - taken at night in my studio- and I may try again tomorrow. Maybe outside light will show the linen texture better, but then again, I usually try to show as little canvas texture as possible in my blog or ebay photos, so that doesn't make a bit of sense!


Debbie said...

Marilyn, this painting is just lovely!! The natural beauty of the linen shows, and whenever I see a painting on linen, the fine texture of the surface adds interest and gives a pleasant feel to the whole painting. No wonder you wanted to let some of that texture show in the photo. and thanks for sharing the info on the panel you used. I look for linen panels from time to time, and never seem to find just the right thing, so that was helpful!

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks, Debbie. Your comments are always so encouraging.

rick nilson said...


After looking close at your paintings, I am using smaller brushes. Honest. Pretty pear!

Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, Ahhhh shucks. I'm blushing.