Friday, February 3, 2012

Collie Figurine and Starbucks Bottle - SOLD

"Lassie and Starbucks"
Dog figurine still life no. 3

6"x 6" Oil on Gessobord


One more in my vintage dog series rolls off the easel. This one has been on the easel for a month in various stages of completion and it feels a great victory to finally be able to post it! Life just gets in the way toooo much these days.

The blue tin is my "distressed" tin inspired by the British artist Jullian Merrow-Smith. You can read my past post about the making of it here. I just really love this tin! The adding of the Starbucks bottle was a last minute addition and was really a joy to paint although I'm always asking myself later when painting "why the heck did I make myself paint type again!" I'll be interested if this painting is purchased by someone who love collies or rather Starbucks. Let's just hope the painting finds a good home.


Debbie said...

Marilyn, Your figurine is so realistic!! You've captured exactly the smooth and shiny surface. I love it.

Susan Roden said...

Wonderful mixture of elements and great technique!

Vicki Macy said...

I just love this series of figurines. I love dogs though. Any poodles on the horizon?