Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunflowers With Peaches - SOLD

"Sunflowers With Peaches"

10"x 8" Oil on linen panel.


I’ve been working on this painting off and on for three days. It began as an under painting which I let dry over night. The time allowed me to realize that the composition was not working––I needed to move away from the reference photo somewhat and make artistic changes.

Somehow this released me from my usual way of working and I took the opportunity to experiment with being more impressionistic, playing with textures, thicker paint and color. Exciting paint texture can become a subject of its own if done well. I admire painters like C W Mundy and can get lost in the beautiful textures he achieves.

I'll begin on a 9x12 commission next but since it is for a surprise, I may not be able to share it on my blog for a while. So if you don't see any blogging activity it doesn't mean I'm slacking! Maybe I'll catch you up on our "puppy" Reilly who is growing into a handsome and mischievous young guy.


Virginia Floyd said...

I like the back lighting in this one. Very nice!

Debbie said...

Hello Marilyn! I'm so happy to see you back painting again. Your sunflowers are wonderful, I love the textures in the paint, and the composition.

J Joy Nocifora said...

Wonderful painting, Marilyn! The lighting and textures are so warm and inviting!

Barbara Pask said...

Very lovely and soft. I love C.W. Mundy also. I would recommend his dvd called Dramatic Still Lifes, I think I have that right. Good stuff.

Diane Minuti said...

I love the lighting and the texture in this work. Beautiful!

sharon said...

I personally like this better than Van goghs....sorry Vincent!