Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blue Teapot and Pink Roses- SOLD

"Blue Teapot and Pink Roses"

"5 5/8 x 7 5/8" Oil on linen.
$150. + $8 s&h

I really enjoyed the mindless painting on this one. You know- when your painting almost feels like "color in the lines" kind of work. I'm really digging this textured linen background. The objects just pop off the page and give such a three dimensional look. But this background does make it a challenge to manage the edges, keeping them varied and not too terribly sharp. It really is a totally different process from what I have been working on, but a nice difference for a change.


Debbie said...

Beautiful!!!! I love the look of the linen texture in the backround, very nice.

Virginia Floyd said...

Gorgeous values on your teapot and mug!

Elena Malec said...

OH, this is splendid. Every item is perfect and artistically rendered. LOve it.

Dana Cooper said...

Beautiful painting had me fooled, I thought you were painting that linen looking background. Now I just need to figure how you got the pattern on the linen in the painting with the pears!

carol morgan carmichael said...

This a a great looking painting. Love the linen background.

beckielboo said...

Hi Marilyn, I've watched your work for a long time, mostly through challenges, but I think this is the fist time I've visited your blog. When I came upon this painting, the first thing I noticed was how the pitcher "popped" with a 3-D appearance. Then I read your notes & found you saw it the same way - yeah me - I'm getting a good eye! Anyway, then I went up to the Cow Pitcher and saw it was done in a much looser "painterly" style. Marilyn, you nailed them both. You are very gifted to be able to pull off such different styles so beautifully! How I wish I had an art budget - I'd be shopping! But I certainly am an admirer!