Sunday, October 10, 2010

Georgia Cotton - SOLD

"Georgia Cotton"

5.75"x 7.75" Oil on linen panel.
$100. + $8. s&h. - sold

This cotton was retrieved from the side of the road near Fritzgerald, Georgia on a recent trip.
To make the painting a bit more colorful I staged it with my "stressed" green tin. Yep, it was a new tin that I banged up, painted and stressed by sanding off some of the paint. The exposed metal rusted after setting it out in the flower bed for a month. I'm more proud of this tin than most of my paintings. The cotton was honored to be put on stage with the treasured tin.


Dana Cooper said...

The cotton is lovely with your old/new tin really got the look of the cotton as soft and the hull as hard, great job!

Karen Werner said...

This is just lovely. I love the composition and the textures! Wonderful painting!

Dean H. said...

The tin is the perfect foil for the soft, warm, cotton. Wonderful, Marilyn.

Janice said...

beautiful! Love it!