Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea Cup and Pink Roses

"Pretty in Pink"

8"x 6" Oil on oil primed linen.

I thought that while I'm loosened up a bit I'd try roses again. They have always stumped me and this time I think I'm getting closer than ever to achieving the look I'm after. I couldn't resist the detail in the cup. It may be inconsistent with the rest of the painting but I like it anyway. It's back to simpler subjects next. I was compelled to paint these roses from our yard.

Over and out from Hotlanta! It's hot!!!!!!!!!!

Available for $100. This painting is not mounted yet. If you are interested email me at


Carol Blackburn said...

I think it's perfect, Marilyn. And, that bottle in the background adds even more depth to it.

Debbie said...

Wow!! Marilyn you've been busy!! This is beautiful!!!The roses are gorgeous and the tea cup is perfect.

Janice said...

Love it, it's beautiful!

Diana Marshall said...

Beautiful roses and china tea cup,very pretty, a cool painting in hot weather!