Friday, February 19, 2010

Portrait of Karin Jurick


10"x 8" Oil on board

This is a portrait of the well known fabulous artist Karin Jurick, much admired and loved by faithful followers of her DSFDF blog. She has inspired and challenged many artists to paint from a photo she provides on her blog and then goes through the tedious process of posting them all ( usually 125+ every two weeks! ). Many of the regular participating artist's of the last two years have given her a great big "thank you" by painting her from a photo she provided in last year's portrait swap. Jill Polsby organized the whole project, provided the photo, and created a book of the portraits for Karin as a big surprise. Thanks Jill, I was so happy to be able to participate in your project and to show Karin gratitude for all her work. Click here to see all 118 portraits of Karin.

I'd delayed posting my portrait, hoping to make some changes ( redoing the eye on the right +) before giving her the original, but decided to go ahead and post and if changes are made I'll just edit this post later. There was difficulty in photographing this for some reason. The shadows on the left cheek and chin that look so brown in the photo are not really that brown in the original. Using photoshop even failed to correct it, so I guess in cyberspace she'll just have to have a "dirty" face. Oh well.

Thank you Karin!!!!!!


adebanji said...

Great shot!Just everything seems just perfect!

Edward Burton said...

This is wonderful, Marilyn.

Dana Cooper said...

Great job Marilyn, you really captured Karin!

Dean H. said...

It sure took me a long time to "find" this! Beautiful work, Marilyn. Great smoothness and highlights.