Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've been honored by "tags" and blog "awards"

I've been very bad and have failed to continue my blog "tags" and "awards" from the last few months. I can't possibly catch up if I "play" by all the rules so I'm going to make up my own. It is about time I share a few things about me and then I'll list a few wonderful artists who have honored me and just give them all a thank you and a link to their blogs.

Stuff about me:

1. I find it difficult to write my blog entries due to writing in general being a struggle for me. I'm the world's worst speller and have to use the dictionary constantly. Math was my strongest subject which makes me very analytical. Since I began my blog in February 2008 I've improved my writing and typing skills as much as painting!

2. I married my high school sweetheart and we are still happily married 37 years later. We have two cats, a dog and a rabbit. No human kids.

3. I've always been a Southern girl. Born in Augusta, Ga., grew up in Charleston, S.C. and moved to metro Atlanta, Ga. in 1965.

4. My husband and I own and operate a residential cleaning service. So I clean houses full time during the week and paint in the evenings and on the weekends. We were both in commercial art for over 20 years and this part time "supplement" to my illustration work turned into a prosperous business.

5. The first art competition that I entered was when I was in first grade. I won the prize for the best poster for our Halloween Carnival in the first through third grade category. When I was called to the principle's office to receive the prize of a silver dollar, I wouldn't accept it. "My mom said to never accept money from strangers."

6. I received a Bachelor's of Visual Arts from Georgia State University with a major in illustration. Painting instruction was non-existent when I was there in the mid 70's. Abstract art was the big thing then and acrylics the medium of choice in the fine art courses.

7. I'm a practicing Christian and a member of a PCA ( Presbyterian Church of America ) church. I believe my artistic strengths are a gift from God and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to develop them.

Things I love:

A- Hugs

B- Selling a painting to someone who will love it!

C- The internet!!!

D- Pastry. Especially Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

E- The way Shad-O ( our dog ) greets me when we come home.

F- New art supplies.

G- The fragrance of my new lemon tree in bloom.

Here are five wonderful artists that mean a lot to me. Most of them have recently tagged or awarded me and I hope you will visit their blogs. Thanks you guys! (notice I didn't say "ya'll")

1- Jennifer Young
2- Edward Burton
3- Amanda Carder
4- Debbie Becks Cooper
5- Rick Nilson
6- Margaret Mayer
7- Vern Schwarz


Edward Burton said...

You're welcome, Marilyn. The awards and tags you receive are all well deserved. Very cute story about you winning a silver dollar. Plus you have a wonderful list of loves -- I also love the smell of lemon blossoms.

Debbie said...

I enjoyed reading your lists,thanks for sharing. I know you put alot of time and effort into writing them, it's such a struggle for me too, to put thoughts into words. (even this little comment will take me a few tries :) But, well done!! I loved finding out more about you.

Jennifer Young said...

Thanks so much for the mention Marilyn- Yes, finding the time to respond to these tags can definitely be a real challenge! But it sure is great to see these little known snippets about your life.

L.Holm said...

Congratulations, Marilyn! It was fun to read your list and learn something about you. Have enjoyed seeing your work, too!

Anonymous said...
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