Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halved Peach on English Ironstone -SOLD


It's another day ( the 18th) and a new post of this piece. I wasn't happy with the background color, it was too much like a baby's dirty diaper brown. So I painted over the top with a pale green ( this looks like gray - but alas it is green) which works much better. Now the wall behind the table relates to the bottom reflection on the glass top table. Sometimes it helps to sleep on it and take a fresh look the next day.

Second photo, different camera. I think the correct color is between the two. The above photo is too brown and the below photo is too green.

Click on image to enlarge.

8"x 6" Oil on linen panel.

I'm back to a more traditional still life this time. I once again enjoyed working on the linen, but really like switching back and forth. These days I just choose the surface best for the subject or just mix it up for fun.


Debbie said...

Marilyn, I think your change to the green/gray background was a good choice. Although,I thought it looked just fine the way it was, now I see the difference it makes! It's so hard to know what to change when a painting doesn't look quite right, but you did it! I also am happy to see someone else posting more than one picture of a painting, like I always end up doing :-)

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks, Debbie. I always welcome your comments, it sometimes gets lonely out here.

Rick Nilson said...

Lonesome? I may replace my septic tank sometime. Shedding off one more layer of skin.

Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, you're back! I have no idea WHAT your comment means!!!!!! Did you need some help with that septic tank?

By the way, do you really look like that little blue drawing? I just realized that when I form a picture of you in my mind, that's what I get.

rick nilson said...

No. The blue guy drawing is a very old picture of me. I am really a lot better looking than that. Just one more layer of skin. Something you said to JY about liking the concrete form work on her studio.