Monday, September 1, 2008

Victory Tokens - SOLD

Click on image to enlarge.

6"x 6" Oil on Ampersand Gessoboard.

Ah....A break from fruits and vegetables. I've planned on doing a baseball painting for a while and I was running out of time with the season almost over. I've seen some beautiful paintings of baseballs and wanted to see what I could do with the subject. But I couldn't resist putting "food" in the piece and I think it adds a lot of interest without taking too much away from the prominent ball. The piece was hard to photograph and fully capture the subtleties in the baseball, especially the highlight which is one of my favorite areas of the painting.

I've enjoyed naming my works lately and find it a challenge to assign creative but not hokey titles. I had a name for this one, but asked my husband (who is a very talented writer) if he had a better idea. "Nuts n' Balls" was his male offering. I went with my title.


Rick Nilson said...


This is a wonderful piece. I guess you'll give credit where credit is due. No need to thank me further.

Marilyn M. King said...

I did consider naming the piece, "For Rick" but reconsidered that title also. I thought this painting would make you happy, not being fruit and all :o)