Saturday, August 30, 2008

Neighbor's Bounty - SOLD

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6"x 6" Oil on pre-prepared hardboard (The artist PANEL)

If you wonder why I’m still painting tomatoes, the reason is twofold: 1) my neighbors are still sharing the bounty from their gardens and 2) ebay'rs are requesting add’l tomato paintings.

After putting more than the usual number of hours in this piece, I’ve decided to put it aside to sell perhaps in another venue. I’m sure I will still paint more tomatoes but I do need a break from them.

Awhile ago I purchased one new panel to try–"The Artist PANEL". I bought it because of the 3/8" profile and the slot in the back for hanging and I liked the idea that no framing was necessary. Then I discovered that the panel is made by Ampersand and a part of their "value" series.

The other panel that I am using–their "museum series"–unfortunately doesn’t come in the thicker size panel. The surface was similar and I could see very little difference in how it took the paint. The cost is more for the thicker panel but could be a strong selling point. I felt it was perfect for this piece because of the illusion of the panel itself being somewhat like a cutting board.

Have a great Labor Day!


Susan Carlin said...

Marilyn! Omigosh, these paintings are gorgeous. Your name came up on my painting show today and we gave out your blog address again.
That prompted me to come see...Wow!

Marilyn M. King said...

Thank you very much, Susan. You have given me very gracious comments coming from a very accomplished artist such as yourself. I really enjoyed your demonstration last Sunday and hope to visit again.

n. rhodes harper said...

I have known for years that I am weird but here goes. I usually look in places on a painting where others may or may not go. I love the little lines on the table representing knife cuts, they look so loose and amazing. The tomato is wonderful too!