Friday, September 5, 2008

Sliced Tomatoes - SOLD

Click on image to enlarge.

5"x 7" Oil on Ampersand Gessoboard.

No, I haven't run out of subjects to paint! I've had several inquiries about additional tomato slice paintings. The first one I did, "On the chopping Block", received a lot of interest and comments, so this piece is very similar. When I put it on ebay tomorrow, watch, no one will be interested this time. Yep, that's right this painting was done just to sell. Next painting I need to treat myself and go crazy! Humm.......Maybe dancing crabs! (click on "crabs" to see some dancing crabs by Rick Nilson")

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Debbie said...

I love all the pretty reds in your tomatos, and the touches of green are just perfect!

n. rhodes harper said...

These tomatoes are amazing! So beautiful. In fact I enjoy all of your paintings! Thanks for visiting my sight you are so kind. Aren't we lucky to do what we love? Dancing crabs would be great but don't tell Rick! lol

Karen Hargett said...

OMG my mouth is watering for some good home grown tomatoe now. These are delicious to look at!

Marilyn M. King said...

Debbie, Nancy and Karen thanks for dropping by. Your gracious comments are music to my ears! And, yes, Nancy we are truly blessed!

Rick is a hoot!

Jennifer Young said...

Juicy and delicious! Of COURSE this will be snatched up, just like the last one.