Sunday, June 1, 2008

"One Big Knot"

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Illustration for book cover published in 1993. Oil on gessoed illustration board.

After spending the greater part of Saturday creating and opening an ebay store, I was one big knot!!! I keep working on increasing my computer skills but it's not easy! Ebay wasn't as user-friendly to set up as blogspot. I found myself just staring at the screen trying to find something as basic as "list item". By then it was late in the process and I think my brain was going to mush. On the first two paintings that were listed, I found two important and embarrassingly misspelled words in the description that I could never correct. I could add information, but not go back into the copy to edit. The most frustrating thing, due to my own ignorance, was losing all the info entered on an item three different times until I discovered how to maneuver away from the page to research something and return. My husband had to leave the room for a while for me to cool off after going through that speed bump!

So my store is open with four paintings yet to be linked to my blog. There is much more to do to improve the design and work out some details but it feels good to make this next step toward my goals. I wish all I had to do was paint! I'm sure I'm not alone in that desire.


rick nilson said...

Whether you like it or knot,I will be expecting a complete tutorial on ebay stores. I set up a store. I have 1 thing for sale on ebay, but now I can't find it. Why don't you just tell me please how this ebay art works. I gotta go find out if I'm highest bidder on the used pink bathrobe.

Marilyn M. King said...

I'm working on an instructional DVD for selling on ebay, but I'll wait until I actually sell something before offering it to the many people on a waiting list. I'll add you to the list but meanwhile I'll be glad to include your pink treasure to my store inventory.

Jennifer Young said...

Add me to your eBay Secrets DVD mailing list. Also, to add to the intrigue, include as the cover art a photo of Rick wearing his new pink bathrobe. That will surely sell at least 3 extra copies.

Re: the listing...I feel your pain. I tried a listing or two but ultimately I lost not only time but patience. I am more than willing to let others "suffer for my art" though. Tell me what I need to know through your trial and error, as I've clearly missed finding the secret to foolproof and efficient eBay listing and success. It's good to be home, and I'm all ears (or eyes, rather.)