Monday, April 9, 2018

Lemons and Blueberries - SOLD

"Bowl of Lemons with Blueberries"
6"x 8" Oil on Gessobord

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate all the support I have on FB and instagram but since I've been back to painting after a 4 year "break" I have noticed that blogging is not as popular as it once was. I guess the format is a little more time consuming and other means of posting artwork reaches a greater audience. It doesn't appear that artists are shutting down their blogs but just aren't as consistent in posting on them. For now my blog is my "website" and a really good journal of my work over the years. I don't know a better way to archive past works for viewers and myself. For that reason alone I keep it going. I welcome any comments about artists and blogging in 2018.

I enjoyed painting this painting for the color change. No red in this one! The background is my favorite color and it looks so beautiful with the yellow lemons. It is a funny thing but still life paintings with anything red as subject matter seem to be favorites. I've painted a lot of strawberries, red jelly, red grapes, etc of late and many by request or commission. It's nice to have a break from red! 

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