Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oranges, Plum and Mexican Bowl

"Oranges, Plum and Mexican Bowl"

5.75"x 7.75" Oil on linen mounted on board
( Painted by the "loose" artist )

I suffer from multiple artist personalities disorder. The "loose" artist in me strives for spontaneous effortless-looking brushwork. "Striving is counterproductive," I tell her. She glares back and tries harder. I, the "tight and controlled" artist, smile and with self satisfaction step back and admire the latest marathon 6x8 piece that took an entire week to complete. "It must be good––it took so long" right?


Virginia Floyd said...

It is very good! The little thumbnail pictue jumpped out at me. Beautiful colors, especially the oranges, which glow with light.

I am so with you about multiple personality artist! I laugh and say I have OCD. I just have to keep on "fixing" a painting to death. I hope I can overcome it!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

If I could paint like you, I think I'd ignore what my "loose" personality thinks of my "tight" self! Your work is absolutely wonderful . . . not tight in a photo-real way; it has personality, takes artistic license in pushing color and your strokes are visible. Maybe it took a week not because of your striving, but because of the time and energy it takes to argue with Ms. Loose?
Love your work!

Barbara Pask said...

Your paintings are always just wonderful. I love the colors of these juicy orange slices.

Brenda Ferguson said...

You've got me laughing here in shared commiseration. I often think,"Gee, these 'little' 6" x 6" panels sure do take me a loooong time to complete some days..."

Angela said...

The oranges are so wonderful. The colors are perfect. Great painting.