Monday, August 30, 2010

Cut Tomatoes No.2 - SOLD

"Tomatoes and Knife"

5"x 7" Oil on mounted linen.

Should I admit that this was what we artists call a "wiper"? After my last painting of tomatoes in a very rendered tighter style, I wanted to loosen up and bring some life to the subject. When I stopped painting yesterday it looked very different from this final painting. I had painted the background with a loose cutting board wood grain and it looked more like a striped pattern in colors that weren't enhancing the red tomato. I put in my to-be-continued file called the "freezer" ( literally).

Today I began reworking it and got deeper and deeper into trouble, I had a real mess on my hands. The panel was going to be wiped clean when I gave it a final play with the palette knife. I hate to give up, you see. After changing the background I used brushes to work on the tomatoes in order to blend the two looks of brush and palette knife applications. I must say that I think I pulled it out of the total failure status and it deserves to go in my drying chamber. Cool texture!



Diana Moses Botkin said...

I like it very much. Good work with the texture and loose brush strokes!

Debbie said...

I love those touches of green in your tomatoes, and the background texture is really different and interesting!

Janice said...

great job on those tomatoes! The colors are fantastic!

carol morgan carmichael said...

I really like this. The texture of the board against the tomatoes really works. Love the colors in the cut tomato.
Welcome to fresh painters!

n. rhodes harper said...

You captured the juicy texture of the tomato. I just want to jump in and have a tomato sandwich! Great color harmony too.