Sunday, July 11, 2010

Young girl at the Beach

"The Green Pail"

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Approx. 6"x 6" Oil on gessoed canvas.

Oh yeah.... (said slowly) Now that painting was fun! I've been conflicted lately on how to paint. Do I paint more realistically or do I continue to move toward a looser, more impressionistic style? I've always been drawn to impressionism and loose brushwork but my efforts to move in that direction have been slow and sometimes discouraging. Today I felt like I achieved success in painting what I could see in my mind. It was so satisfying that I know that I want to continue in this direction for a while.
This piece was painted from a recent photo from Surfside Beach in SC. It is the same little girl that I painted earlier, "Alley Sees a Crab".

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Edward Burton said...

A very sweet painting and wonderfully loose, Marilyn.