Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yellow Roses with Red Tips

"Pint Size Roses"

7"x 5" Oil on linen panel.

The roses are yellow with random splashes of pinkish red tips and spots. The rose bush grows at my friend's home and they are the most fragrant and beautiful roses I know of. I wish we knew what they were! My painting doesn't begin to do them justice. Oh well. The rose painting practice continues. The pint size milk bottle I found on a recent trip to the mountains while antique shopping - perfect little vase.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Stunning, Marilyn. Great color and the glass bottle is right on the mark.

Dana Cooper said...

It's a perfect vase AND a perfect rose, beautiful Marilyn!

Edward Burton said...

A very wonderful piece, Marilyn. I love the light on the rose and the glass is very well done.