Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wild Daffodils - SOLD

"Wild Daffodils"

7"x 5" Oil on board.

We lost our beautiful spring weather to a cool rain all week but I picked the daffodils before the wet weather arrived. They have been beckoning me from the window sill and with brief bits of sun today I was able to capture this backlit view.

I'm still exploring different approaches to flower painting. When I began several years ago I was painting each petal. Now finding the right balance of loose brushwork and seeing and painting only shapes is my goal. It is a journey in growth and someday I'll have more confidence with flowers. I've heard from other artists that flowers, especially roses, are difficult for painters in general. I so admire those who have mastered this and realize that it comes with much practice and study. If anyone has a favorite book or DVD to recommend, please do!



Debbie said...

I love your daffodils, they look so sunny and bright!! And yellow flowers in particular I have always found harder to paint, you did a great job!!!

L.Holm said...

Beautiful. I love daffs, and find them tricky to paint.Yours are brilliant!