Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Snow

"Southern Snow"

6"x 8" Oil on Ramar canvas panel

After a long Holiday and January break I'm trying to warm up my painting muscles. With all the snow around the US, I was a bit jealous with Atlanta missing all the "fun". I took some photos during our last significant snow in 2008. Just walking around our neighborhood I took a shot of Kelly's picket fence which was just beautiful. The vines on the fence were loaded with snow and the dog prints in the snow encouraged me to include a doggy for added interest.

It's a good feeling to have completed a study today, maybe it won't be so difficult to jump back in now that I've taken the first step. It's a bit like physical exercise in that once you take time off, it's tough to get back into the rhythm. I've an unusually busy two weeks ahead in our business and a sinus infection, so wish me strong painting inspiration! Sometimes I'm offended when I hear "you are so talented" like those who have a little talent can just whip out a brush and create great art. It only comes with years of sacrifice, perseverance, study and practice, practice and more practice! If you are an artist, you know exactly what I mean!! Even after years of painting , "great" art is still an illusive goal. Only occasionally do I succeed in producing a painting with which I'm truly happy. Oh, just ignore me, this sinus headache is making me a bit b-----.


Debbie said...

Get well soon Marilyn! I've had to do the same thing lately, warm up with a drawing or 2 before I start painting anything. It doesn't seem to matter how much practice I get, I'm still just as rusty if I am away from painting for any length of time.

Cannery Painters said...

Your post made me laugh Marilyn! I like this painting. You are right too about artists needing to flex our painting muscles...hope you are feeling better and back to painting soon!
And to those who mean well when they say that I am talented, I say "thank you, I work very hard at it".

Carol Horzempa said...

You did a great job on your snow scene and picket the addition of the dog!

Take care and hope you will be feeling well soon.

Rick Nilson said...

I think "great" is too difficult. I am going to skip right past great and land on "established and eclectic"

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Feel better. This painting is a great start! (You picked a challenging subject, wow.)

Anonymous said...

I've never really thought of someone saying "you are so talented" in that way, because really, you could have worked hard to develop that talent. But sometimes I will hear something direct, like "I wish I had been born with a gift like that".

Dean H. said...

Hope you feel better soon, Marilyn.
Love your painting! I like the bits of warm colors that contrast with the dominant cools.
Know what ya mean about persistence vs talent.
But I must admit that when on the rare occasion someone says that I have talent, it's like my doggie getting her belly rubbed! It's better that them saying, "You're persistent". Last statement all in fun... :)