Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carousel Stallion - SOLD


Click on images to enlarge.

6"x 6" Oil on gessoed board.


Some of you may remember this painting from last September when I posted it as a work in progress. I finally finished it last night and am posting it again before listing it on ebay tonight. I had intended to do a pair of fair ride paintings, planning an elephant ride to pair with this one, but lost interest in doing another very tightly rendered piece. Sometimes you just move on and don't look back! I've got a "hot" painting coming up next.....


Debbie said...

Marilyn, your carousel horse is wonderful!! I grew up near an amusement park, and we went there often and always rode the carousel. You've really captured the exciting feel of it, with the bright reflections and colors.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I can almost feel the hard coolness of the horse, great job!

Edward Burton said...

This is such a beautiful painting, Marilyn! Very fun - I love hand carved carrousel animals.