Friday, January 16, 2009

Jefferson Memorial - DSFDF

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6"x 8" Oil on canvas panel.

The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. was the subject of the latest Karin Jurick's “Different Strokes for Different Folks”. The nighttime photo provided a challenge in rendering the luminous lights casting their glow on the architecture.

The sky was originally a clear blue night sky but the moon and clouds were added providing objects for a reflection on the sidewalk in the foreground.
The ground was painted wet as if a shower has left puddles on the walk. My hope is that combining the two has achieved a convincing scene and added interest to the composition.


CONRAD said...

very nice mood, love it

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Beautiful job! I admire artists who can take a photo to new heights. Adding the moon and wet reflections was a stroke of genius.

Sheila said...

One of best I've seen in terms of rendering a sort of glassy dreamy look. Congrats!

Rick Nilson said...

You certainly did a wonderful job on this piece. If it were a contest, you would win.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks, I couldn't ask for a better day!-good mood, genius, dreamy and a winner!!!! lol Now that's going to be my new standard!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

A beautiful piece of art.
I would call it a master piece.
Love it!

Edward Burton said...

BEAUTIFUL job, Marilyn! I love the glow it has and the reflections.

artbymj said...

Yours is lovely and I like the addition of the moon and clouds. It's been fun to follow "Different Strokes" but I haven't found time to give it a try yet. I think you did great.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks to Irit, Edward and Mary for stopping by. I appreciate your encouraging comments!