Friday, October 31, 2008

Crabapples and Fruit - REVISED 11-02-08

"Granny Smith and Crabapples"

6"x 8" Oil on canvas panel.

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I thought I was finished with this painting when posting it a couple of days ago. I was pleased with the loose brush strokes, but as I looked at it some more I realized that it failed to communicate the thing that first inspired me about the setting. The light from above had illuminated the fruit in a dramatic way and made the bright colors really pop. There was a certain moodiness to the narrow stream of light entering a dark space and "spot lighting" the plate of fruit. The first post of the painting failed to communicate that mood and more contrast was needed. I also felt the need to add thicker paint to give the painting more "body". I lost some of the looseness that I liked, but I feel that it now is closer to my first impressions. I've been reading some old art magazines this weekend and it has turned my focus back to discovering my "voice" in my work and returning to finding out who I am as artist. Over the last two months I've been led off my original path toward focus on technique and ebay sales. This can be the death of an artist. So back to the "real" work of self-discovery.

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6"x 8" Oil on canvas panel by RayMar.

This was a success for me in that I actually painted a decent painting on a RayMar panel. I thought I'd throw these panels out because in the past I've really hated them!
I needed a 6x8 and this is what I had, so I took a chance and just focused on staying loose and used the largest brushes possible. I think with these last two pieces, I've been able to loosen up with my brush work and achieve a more abstract approach to painting shapes. The end result is not abstract, but I was "thinking" shapes as I painted rather that objects.

I made my husband Kenn pull the car to the side of the road in order for me to pick these crabapples. The tree was loaded and the little fruits where such a strikingly beautiful red that I just had to gather some to bring home to paint. Kenn was a good sport - he's so patient about my sudden "PULL OVER!" demands.


Rick Nilson said...

very nice loose work. you do fruit with character!

Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, thank you very much!

Debbie said...

Marilyn, I love what you did with this painting. It was very nice before, but now, it seems you've added that something that makes it special. I particularly like how the back leaves are more in silhouette, and the colors seem deeper, and warmer. Very nice :)

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks, Debbie.