Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Heat - SOLD

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5"x 7" Oil on gessoed Ampersand board.

These beautiful peppers where found in my local Kroger grocery store and purchased for painting props. I thought they were so lovely with their shiny, waxy surface and rich colors. I was so pleased that they still had their stems attached! I don't expect to cook with them due to my hubby, Kenn, not able to eat "hot" foods. Such a waste, I'll just have to do several paintings of these hot beauties.

I'm continuing to paint on the Ampersand board and this one with two coats of black gesso. When asked what the advantage to painting on black is, after posting my recent tomato painting, I didn't have a good answer. Upon completing this my second "on-black" painting I think I have a better answer.

For one- I found myself paying attention to the negative space with more interest,
two- dark areas are built quicker and deeper, three- my color seems to "pop"more, four- for me it is FUN for a change. I think that I will choose the black base for paintings or subjects that are prominently medium to dark values because the black does show through in spots (which is nice for the darker paintings).

Oil paint seems to dry faster on the gessoed board than on canvas for me. I'm not sure if it is the smooth surface or that I may be applying the paint in a thinner application. Because of this faster drying, I'm able to build up layers of the lighter colors to achieve more opaque light colors and whites over this black base. I use a "fast drying titanium zinc white" by LeFranc which also speeds the drying time for the lighter colors since this white is mixed with all the light colors.

I hope sharing observations on my experience with this smooth board and black gesso will be helpful to those artist's wishing to give it a try. Happy painting!


rick nilson said...

I like this painting, I don't know why. The grey in the background, or maybe its the abstract way you painted the tomatos. At first glance I thought they were peppers, but then I realized that's just not your style.

Debbie said...

Very nice painting (I also like your creative titles), and thanks for writing about your painting experience, it's interesting to find out what goes on while a painting is being created!

Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, I've been looking for my "style". Why don't you share with me what my style is! But how can I trust your critique if you don't even know why you like something? :o)

Debbie, you can't even imagine what goes on behind the scenes here! Someday I'll turn writer and write a memoir. Thanks for your comments.

Jennifer Young said...

I deem your style...mahvelous. Another beaut, Marilyn.

Marilyn M. King said...

Hey Jen, glad for your visit and thanks for the thumbs up! Hope you are thriving among boxes and hammers and stuff.