Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cosmos in the Window

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6"x 8" oil on RayMar canvas panel.

This is the final painting, but a poor photo. The background outside the window doesn't have the pink tone seen here.

I'm not sure why I painted this still life in such a realistic and "tight" style. I like the painting, but no longer see this style as a way that I particularly want to continue painting. Maybe it's like re-reading a good book. Just something to revisit from time to time. I'm still wanting to "loosen up" and have made some progress but I think my desire to sell on ebay may have influenced me on this one. I see realism style paintings very popular on ebay, the only problem is that this way of painting will not bring me more than about $5 an hour! Really, though, the important thing is not about money, but to try and stay focused on the original desires and goals I have set before me as an artist. I'll get back on course next painting.

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Rick Nilson said...

very luminous petals.