Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tomatoes in Waiting

Click on image to enlarge.

7"x 6" Oil on canvas mounted on board. Available.

This painting was done in one session (alla prima) and was completed in 2.5 hours.
The tomatoes are a redder orange than appearing in this photo. Even in photoshop I couldn't bring the red out to color match the original. Next I'll have to paint a head of lettuce and a cucumber and we'll have a great salad!


rick nilson said...

I guess you have alway's painted like this, only slower? Don Gray at DP does a lot of nice onions. Instead of the garlic he uses string. Would you please paint some barbwire and a concertina. That would be just awesome. Do it fast too!..........what are you waiting for now? tomatoes or mail? gringo "mucho bonita onion". That's spanish for a lot of things.

Marilyn M. King said...

Rick, thanks, I can always count on you to visit and see my latest–YTOFIG. I've been sitting here trying the hardest to respond in a witty and clever come back, but it's not going to happen. Just not my gift!
I don't know what you mean by "always painted like this", but no. I've never painted a tomato, this painting is much looser than anything before a couple of months ago (and much faster), and alla prima with oils is only a recent practice. My art is constantly changing and this is not a new thing. While illustrating, I was always trying new mediums and styles. Sometimes this was due to the assignment and sometimes I was given enough room for experimentation. The thing that is new to me now is taking advantage of the freedom to fail and not being "afraid" to loosen up. When one paints for himself, the ability to relax and just go for it is a liberation I've never had. As a result, inspiration abounds!

I'm so proud of myself for knowing what "concertina" is. When Kenn was in Vietnam in'71 to'72, he talk about the concertina wire along the beach at Cam Rahn Bay to keep the Con from coming ashore at night. It's not something I want to spend time thinking about or painting!

Now I'm going to look up Don Gray.