Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lake Como #2 - SOLD

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7"x 9" oil on gessoed board. sold

The three weeks since I've posted new work seems like a year! A multiple of reasons for the long break could be listed, but all I want to say is it's good to be back painting.

This piece, painted from a photo I took in 2006, was painted over several days. I'm using new paint (regular oils instead of the M. Graham oils) new palette of colors, a new self mixed medium, some new brushes and new surface ( the second time to paint on board instead of canvas). I found it very hard to get back into the hang of it all. The time away from the easel combined with the new supplies was intimidating to say the least. I felt like I was starting from scratch and had forgotten how to paint at all. Approaching this painting in baby steps, over three different sessions, was easier than having the pressure of completing it in one sitting. I've been used to working wet into wet, so this was a bit different working over dry paint. I found it very hard to achieve the soft edges without mixing paint for already painted areas to work into the newly painted parts. Due to the new palette I'm really pleased with the color. I've dropped Ultramarine blue and am now using Prussian blue, as well as adding black. Many teachers say never use black, but one of my favorite artists (Daniel Gerhartz) uses black. He never uses black alone, only mixed with other colors. I'll let you know if I can get along without the ultramarine.


rick nilson said...


This is a beautiful painting. great color. I get cold starts if I have not painted for a few days. Have you been to Lake Como?

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks Rick,
Yes, in 2006 I took a trip with my Mom to the Italian Lake area, Venice, Milan, and then a cruise to the Greek Isles. It was one of those planed trips with Seniors where every minute is scheduled. My few hours at Lake Como was on a small crowded tour boat fighting for every shot I took with angry passengers glaring at me as if I was totally blocking their view. I was relentless and got many shots of the villas from the water point of view. Unfortunately it was a very cloudy day and all shots are very gray. But I guess I bring a different mood to Lake Como than most painters who were able to view it on sunny days.

Anonymous said...

I love the whole bottom right area.

Marilyn M. King said...

Hi Tiffany dear, sorry I don't sell parts of paintings, if someone wants just the bottom right corner they have to have the other less desirable bits too! Hope you and Justin are doing fine and avoided any damage from the storms up your way.
Lots of luv.

rick nilson said...

I agree with Tiff. The lower right area is just wonderful. But now about that upper left area. Marilyn, come on now, be honest, does that upper left area really work for you? You sure can pack a lotta paint into 7"X9". This is where I put in my shameless plug for "Lagoon Como". Not nearly so many angry passenger's to glare at you. No Euro's taken for boatrides either. And Oh, when the sun shines! I can just smell it.