Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yellow Onion - SOLD

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5"x 7" Oil on canvas. Available for $100 or bid on Ebay. Click on the link at the beginning of the blog to go to my Ebay store.

This onion's last day before tossing proved to be a glorious one, recorded for eternity in oil paint. It was never eaten like it's brothers, but had another purpose, to pose on a dramatic stage for all to see. He's a beauty. Please don't take me too seriously!!!!
It was a good weekend - two paintings!


Julie at Virtual Nexus said...

You've got the skin effect perfectly - lovely paintings!

Anonymous said...


Dar Presto said...

Such a beautiful old onion! I really like the lighting set up. I appreciate the amount of detail you chose to represent in the onion skin. It seems that you are able to achieve excellent accuracy without really fussing. I'm a beginner, and I'm taking away some valuable lessons through observation. Thank you.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks to you all for visiting and your kind words.