Friday, March 28, 2008

Oak on Old Norcross Road - SOLD

Click on image to enlarge.

8"x 10" oil on canvas. Available.

I love trees and this is one I've always wanted to paint. This spring before the leaves appear and late afternoon seemed the perfect time to capture it's majesty. I just started by blocking in color and working the shapes and values (seen in the lower photo), making many small adjustments in the colors as the piece progressed. I kept in mind the play between darks and lights during the entire process, which was the inspiration for this little landscape. The time to complete it was about five hours. I 'm pretty excited because it is one of those break- through pieces that happens every so often and you think "wow, it looks close to want I was trying for!" Good to see some pay off for hard work.


Marie-France said...

Dear Marylin,
So butiffull painting! I love it!

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Maiby you have myspace too?
All the best for you!


Jennifer Young said...

I can see why you're happy :-) Congratulations- very strong composition, wonderful lines and great movement. The early spring is a great time to study tree structure. Gotta get 'em soon before they completely leaf out!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Dropped in via Perez - and enjoyed seeing how you've developed the trees. I'm in a similar position - trying to pick up oils after a gap, and experimenting in various directions at the moment. all the best as you progress.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks to Marie-France, Jennifer, and Julie for visiting my blog and giving such gracious comments. So glad my oak tree is liked, thanks for sharing my success!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like these tree paintings.
Welcome to the blogosphere Marilyn.

Marilyn M. King said...

Thanks I feel welcomed! Curious, how did you find me? After visiting your site I can see that you have been blogging a very long time. Now I know who can answer my technical questions :o) I enjoyed reading about your exciting art life and many travels. You are very fortunate to be in so many locations to paint!
I think my favorite was "Bike Path"- Your husband was right to tell you it was "done".

Marilyn M. King said...
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