Saturday, September 11, 2010

Green Pears Still Life- Sold

"Two and a Half Pears"

5.75"x 7.75" Oil on linen mounted on

More backyard pears as long as they last.... Well actually I took a lot of photos, so they will last a long time I hope. You never know when you can lose those images. Several months ago my hard drive crashed and burned and I lost not only photos of several months of painting shots, but also many reference shots for future paintings. I got wise ( I thought ) and started regular back up to an external hard drive. I was still wanting extra protection and planned on backing up with an off site service as well. I should have done that sooner! My external hard drive crashed now! Thankfully I had transferred many files to my new computer a couple of months ago, but felt safe leaving many of those still life set up shots on the eternal which are now lost. So don't procrastinate if you are considering a backup plan for your computer!

I was going to use Carbonite, but after reading many poor customer reviews I have gone with iDrive and am very happy so far. I did do a lot of research to find a service with great reviews but the real test will be if I need to retrieve files someday. Please have an automatic back up plan!!! It is a must for an artist.


Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

This is something I really need to look into--backing up digital images! It's to important, thanks for sharing. We're both in pear painting mode-I love these!

n. rhodes harper said...

The light is gorgeous on the pears Marilyn. Well done all round.

Katie Wilson-Bernatas said...

Love the light in this painting - very subtle.

Karen Bruson said...

Nice composition and lighting.

Dancing Brush by Cheri said...

Ohhhh! One of the biggest fears I have is losing images. I've done back-up on external drive too. Your pears are beautiful. Great painting!